For more than 30 years, Kreisel has provided toys for Venezuelan kids. Nowadays, Kreisel toys can be found in over 10 countries.

Our toys are always of very high quality, very innovative , and offer great interactivity and play value. As such, the products in our line are very unique and different from existing products in the market.

Times change and toys and games do too. Our group of product development specialists is constantly evaluating the needs and wants of kids, to deliver products that they and their parents want and will enjoy.


Satisfy the changing toy market needs through technological innovations that help child development and education in very fun ways.

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General information: info@kreisel.com

Sales: andrea@kreisel.com / romo@kreisel.com

Address: Av. Principal Boleita Norte, Edif. Leo, Piso 2. Boleita Norte, Caracas, Venezuela

Phone: 58 (212) 237.20.91 / 20.59 / 21.08